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AA Target, Outdoor and Indoor Rounds

Number of arrows shot at each distance (metres).

How does your score rate?

Target face legend:

'+' 122cm

'*' 80cm

'-' 60cm

'=' 40cm

Rounds 90m 70m 65m 60m 55m 50m 45m 40m 35m 30m 25m 20m 18m MAX SCORE
Men's FITA 36+ 36+       36*       36*       1440
Women's FITA   36+   36+   36*       36*       1440
Fremantle       36+   36+   36*   36*       1440
Intermediate         36+   36+   36*   36*     1440
Horsham               36+ 36+ 36* 36*     1440
Sydney   30+   30+   30+   30+           1200
Brisbane   30+   30+   30*   30*           1200
Adelaide       30+   30+   30*   30*       1200
Sht Adelaide           30+   30+   30*   30*   1200
Hobart 30+ 30+       30+               900
Perth   30+   30+   30+               900
Canberra       30+   30+   30+           900
Sht Canberra           30+   30+   30+       900
Jnr Canberra               30+   30+   30+   900
Melbourne           90+               900
Darwin               90+           900
Geelong                   90+       900
Newcastle                       90+   900
Holt           90*               900
Drake                   90*       900
Wollongong 36+ 36+                       720
Townsville   36+   36+                   720
Launceston           36*       36*       720
FITA Standard           36+       36+       720
Indoor Rounds
FITA Indoor 1                         60= 600
FITA Indoor 2                     60-     600
Aust Indoor 1                         30= 300
Aust Indoor 2                     30-     300

UPDATES 1/6/2020

Further easing of Covid-19 restrictions from 1st June.

To our Archery Community,

As a result of the further easing of restrictions, the MAC Outdoor Range remains OPEN to FULL Members with a key....up to 20 archers are now allowed.

We are also looking to assist Full Members, who have not yet qualified, to shoot their qualification rounds & thereby gain a key & access to the range.. If this applies to you, we will be contacting you via email soon see if you would like to take up the opportunity.


The following conditions are in place for Full Members with a Key.


Archery Victoria recommends that all Club Members be encouraged to download the COVID-19 app before attending the club.

• If you, or someone you have been in close contact with, has been overseas in the last 2 weeks, please do not attend or shoot at MAC (or any other club) for 14 days

• If you have any flu like symptoms or have had any in the last 2 weeks, please do not attend MAC (or any other club) for 14 days

• If you begin exhibiting flu like symptoms whilst at the club please leave immediately

• MAC reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone who is considered a health and wellbeing risk

• All archers are to carry personal sanitiser/cleaner to use when coming into contact with common surfaces (including locking/unlocking the gate, wiping down targets, butts and covers)

• Bring your own food and water and ensure that you are not sharing

• Full members are to unlock the gate and enter and lock the gate behind them once inside. Reverse the process when leaving the club

Sign in by swiping your membership card electronic imprint at the device in the front window

There will be a maximum of 20 archers & spectators within club boundaries at any time (Range Officers, Coaches, Committee members are not counted in the 20 max rule)

Social distancing of 1.5 metres between people will be observed and this includes when collecting arrows at the targets

One person will be allocated per target (Note: where members are from the same household and have been cohabitating during the period of isolation, they may share a target and don’t need to have 1.5m between them)

• Archers will only touch or draw their own arrows

• Archers will not touch another archer’s equipment



We hope with further easing of restrictions, we can prepare for programs & competition in the future. 

Please stay tuned & keep safe & well.

MAC Committee.






Club Facilites

Located Melbourne, Australia. One of Australia's largest target archery clubs. Victoria's largest target archery club. Activities for ages from 6 to 80, 42 permanent outdoor target range, 18 metre indoor range. Open 7 days, Active Junior Program, Come & Try Program, Oz Bow Program, Birthday Parties, Corporate Days, Scouts & Guides, Schools Archery, All Abilities Program, Coaching, Affiliated with WA (FITA), AA. & AV. Olympic, Compound, Long Bow & Barebow Divisions. Disabled accessibility. Home of Champions, Victoria's Main Olympic archery training venue.

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